Given the right care, children born with spina bifida can grow to live full and happy lives. Southlake Medical Supplies is here to ensure your child is given the tools they need to gain independence, build confidence in themselves, and enjoy life.

No two children with spina bifida face the exact same health issues, and choosing the right catheter for your child can seem overwhelming. Southlake Medical relieves the stress of combing through countless catheter options and developers by researching all the top brands and manufacturers. We do the work so you and your child can get on with life.

”Before, it was 85% me and 15% the other catheter supplier. Now, it’s 50% Southlake Medical and 50% me.”

Southlake Medical is a partner in transforming the lives of spina bifida children and parents alike. We simplify the process of finding the right catheter and offer you only the best options, conveniently categorized by brand, gender, type, and material. Southlake Medical is dedicated to improving the lives of spina bifida children, allowing them to enjoy better health and hygiene, less time at the doctor’s office and ER, and offering catheters that can be inserted and removed smoothly, painlessly, and independently.

Give your child the life they deserve. They no longer have to endure UTIs, rashes, sores, or the embarrassment of cathing in public restrooms. There is a new and better life awaiting them. Contact us today and find out how Southlake Medical is improving children’s health and transforming their lives.

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