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Bladder Cancer

How Your Catheter Can Keep You Mobile, Active and Productive

Kathy was Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2007

Fortunately for Kathy they caught it early. 53-year-old Kathy had successful surgery to remove the tumor. Still, due to some urine retention history, her doctor recommended she use a catheter.

It didn’t take long before her first Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

UTIs are not pleasant. They slow you down, keep you away from work and waste a lot of your precious time. But Kathy was determined not to let her catheter hold her back. So she looked for a better solution. And found it.

She came across a website offering free samples of a certain hydrophilic catheter. She tried it, liked it and has been UTI-free ever since!

Just imagine for a moment…

  • Spending more time with your family and doing more of the things you love (because you won’t be seeing the doctor or the ER room so much)
  • Enjoying better health and hygiene, with no unnecessary UTIs and no need to clean and re-use your catheters
  • Feeling better about yourself, because you’ll have more independence and fewer embarrassing moments
  • Inserting and removing your catheter smoothly and painlessly – no more trauma, pressing or sores. Enjoying a much softer sensation
  • Cathing quickly. Our closed system products mean you can cathe anywhere, any time
  • Coping better with your catheter. No messy lubrication means cleaner clothes and less fiddling around
  • Sleeping soundly at night with no pain or insurance concerns

It’s so convenient. The compact size makes it easy to take out of my purse without anyone knowing what it is!

How does it work?

First we ask you some questions about your lifestyle and your wants so we can really understand what your needs are.

We’ll then offer you a range of catheters suitable for your particular lifestyle. (And if we can’t help you, we’ll put you in touch with a reputable dealer who can.)

You try out samples at your convenience, with no commitment

Once you decide what’s best for you, we’ll send you your catheter right away.

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