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Catheters By Gender

Southlake Medical Offers Both Male and Female Catheters

There’s More Than One Right Choice

There are hundreds of catheters available today, with new ones being introduced every year. How do you know what’s right for you or your loved one? You don’t. That’s our job.

At Southlake Medical, we diligently research the top brands – Cure Catheters™, Self-Cath® MMG™, FloCath, Easy Cath™, Bardia®, LoFric® and top manufacturers – Bard, Coloplast, Atra (Astratech), Hollister, Rusch, Rochester Medical, etc. So we’re always aware of the pros and cons of the very latest products. And we pass that knowledge on to you.

Female Catheters

A female catheter is a small tube that is inserted into the urethral meatus, the external opening to the urethra, in order to drain urine for collection. When possible, a thin catheter should be used to reduce the risk of harming the patient during insertion. Urinary catheters are used to drain the bladder.

Your health care provider may recommend a catheter for short-term or long-term use because you have or had, urinary incontinence.

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Male Catheters

A catheter is a thin, flexible, soft tube which is inserted through the urethra to drain the urine from the bladder. It may stay in place for a short or long time depending on the type and reason for its use.

Intermittent catheterization may be necessary for anyone who is unable to properly empty the bladder or people with nervous system (neurological) disorders. The goal of intermittent catheterization is to completely empty the bladder.

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Southlake Medical is a company that can help every customer choose the right catheter for his or her very individual needs and lifestyle. We are here to help guide you to find the best option for your catheter needs.

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