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Pediatric Catheters

Pediatric Catheters Options

Pediatric Catheters

Catheter selection is particularly important when catheterizing a child. Catheterization may be performed for a variety of reasons: to obtain a urine specimen, to relieve urinary retention, to allow the bladder to rest or heal after surgery or to dilate a urethral stricture. With inappropriate equipment or poor technique, catheterization can become a traumatic event for the child and the parents. However, with a careful explanation of the procedure, proper choice of equipment and supples and skillful technique, insertion of a catheter can be completed without trauma.

Pediatric Intermittent Catheters

Intermittent catheterization is a sterile process of draining urine from the bladder when normal draining is not possible. Proper Intermittent Catheter use will reduce the threat of urinary tract infections and damage to the kidneys. Intermittent Catheters come in many different sizes and lengths to fit your child’s body.


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