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Make the right catheter choice and transform your life

Catheter Options

Catheters By Brand

There are hundreds of catheter options on the market today with new ones being introduced each year. It can be a daunting task to narrow down the options that are best for you, your parents or your child’s needs. Southlake Medical diligently researches the top brands and manufacturers so that we can help you make the right catheter choice and help transform your life

Catheters By Gender

Southlake Medical offers both Male and Female catheters. There are hundreds of catheters available today, with features designed for each gender. How do you know what’s right for you or your loved one? At Southlake Medical, we are constantly studying products of the top brands and top manufacturers, and pass that knowledge on to you so you can make the best choice.

Pediatric Catheters

Intermittent catheterization is a sterile process of draining urine from the bladder when normal draining is not possible. Proper Intermittent Catheter use by children will reduce the threat of urinary tract infections and damage to the kidneys. Intermittent Catheters come in many different sizes and lengths to fit your child’s body.

Catheters By Type

Southlake Medical strives to offer the very best selection of urinary catheters. We believe that you should have the option of choosing the type of catheter that suites your needs most effectively. That’s why we provide many different types of intermittent, hydrophilic and closed system catheters from major brands, such as Bard, Coloplast-Mento, Astra Tech and many more.

Catheters By Material

Urinary catheters are available in latex, silicone, and plastic and can come with Hydrogel and antimicrobials catheter coatings, designed to provide a smooth surface that protects against irritation of the urethral mucosa and encrustation. Each coating varies somewhat in its performance and benefits.

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Southlake Medical is a company that can help every customer choose the right catheter for his or her very individual needs and lifestyle. We are here to help guide you to find the best option for your catheter needs.

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