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FLOCATH Hydrophilic Tieman – Female – Coude Tip

The FloCath® is a hydrophilic coated intermittent catheter that offers a comfortable and easy-to-use alternative to ordinary intermittent catheters. The hydrophilic coating is designed to reduce friction, allowing effortless insertion into the bladder. Activation of the coating occurs by soaking the catheter in water for 30 seconds. The water binds to the catheter creating an extremely low friction, slippery surface that is maintained during insertion and withdrawal. This results in minimizing insertion forces and tissue irritation while maximizing maneuverability and overall patient comfort. In a user preference test, 5 out of 5 participants chose FloCath® over another leading brand of intermittent catheters. Specifications: Hydrophilic coating. Color-coded. Latex-Free. Smooth, polished, staggered eyes. Sterile. Full range of sizes. Benefits: Low friction. No additional lubricant needed. Exceptional drainage. Comfortable and convenient. Available 6FR to 16FR sizes.

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CRusch, a Teleflex Medical Company, supplies a broad range of invasive and noninvasive, disposable or reusable devices to the anesthesiology, urology, gastroenterology, and respiratory care markets. Our roots go back to companies founded in 1837 in the U.K. and 1885 in Germany.

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