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LoFric® – Female

LoFric® – This classic version is opened and soaked in water for 30 seconds before use.

The coating on LoFric® catheters are made up of two properties – a hydrophilic surface layer, consisting of a low friction layer of water, and a sodium chloride (salt) surface layer that is adapted to the urethra’s concentration of salt and other soluble matter. This combination on the surface of the LoFric® catheters has a great ability to bind water. The result is a very wet and slippery surface that provides up to 95% lower friction compared with other catheters. So LoFric® not only has low friction when inserted, but also when removed. For you, it means reduced risk of urinary tract infections and long-term urethral complications.

LoFric® is the most clinically proven and well documented intermittent catheter in the world – over 20 years of clinical studies. These studies demonstrate significant medical benefits superior to other catheters, especially to conventional catheters used with gel.

Company Description

Astra Tech introduced the current market leader hydrophilic catheter LoFric® back in 1983. LoFric is the worlds first hydrophilic intermittent catheter. The coating is activated by soaking the catheter in water, which forms a slippery layer. Its specially designed for comfort by maintaining the slippery layer throughout the entire catheterization. LoFric is the only hydrophilic catheter proven in long-term clinical studies to reduce the risk of UTIs and other complications when compared to conventional catheters. LoFric Primo is a convenient and compact no-touch hydrophilic catheter with an integrated sterile water sachet and features a no-touch design.

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