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MMG H2O™ – Male – 16″ – Straight Tip

The MMG H2O™ hydrophilic closed system catheter is designed to maximize patient comfort and reduce urethral trauma. The MMG H2O™ glides easily into the urethra after activation of the unique Rusch hydrophilic coating using the integrated .09% sterile saline pouch. Our soft silicone introducer tip protects the catheter from the bacteria residing within the distal urethra. The MMG H2O™ hydrophilic closed system catheter kit is self contained and fully protected within its own closed, sterile field. The kit contains sterile latex free gloves, underpad, BZK towelette, gauze, and a refuse bag for convenient disposal.The MMG H2O™ hydrophilic closed system catheter is a sterile compact way for the intermittent catheter user to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Company Description

CRusch, a Teleflex Medical Company, supplies a broad range of invasive and noninvasive, disposable or reusable devices to the anesthesiology, urology, gastroenterology, and respiratory care markets. Our roots go back to companies founded in 1837 in the U.K. and 1885 in Germany.

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