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Spina Bifida

Discover the Secret of Improving Your Child’s Life

”Before, it was 85% me and 15% the other catheter supplier. Now, it’s 50% Southlake Medical and 50% me.”

”They give me everything my daughter needs. They’re with me every step of the way… The catheter’s ready, prepared and I’m all set. I can travel with her, take her anywhere. Going to restrooms is easy now with the plastic bags to empty the urine. It’s like a combo. All ready in one place. No more running around from supplier to supplier. No more fighting for my rights. And no more visits to the doctor! No me han fallado. (They’ve never failed me.)”

– Adriana Garcia, mother of a 7-year-old with Spina Bifida.

Improving Your Child’s Health

Adriana is just one of thousands of parents who have discovered an opportunity to improve the health of their child with spina bifida.

It’s 100% Latex free, single use only… it has everything I need… it’s much easier and smaller – I can take 20 in my daughter’s diaper bag.

A few improvements include…

  • Spending less time at the doctor’s or the ER room. Do stuff you love doing instead!
  • Your child enjoying better health and hygiene. No more UTIs and no need to clean and re-use catheters
  • Your child feeling much more confident, because they’ll have more independence and fewer embarrassing moments (no more cathing in public restrooms)
  • Inserting and removing the catheter smoothly and painlessly. No more trauma, rashes or sores. Enjoying a much softer sensation. Eventually, your child will be able to cathe him or herself, leaving you free to get on with your own life
  • Your child coping well in school. Enclosed catheter systems mean they don’t have to empty urine throughout the day
  • Sleeping soundly at night. No pain for your kid, no insurance concerns for you

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